Just thought i would give a little blog about the best tech launches of 2015 and i thought i would start with smartphones. After a few phones being released in 2015, we did a little searching around and played around with the new phones and we definitely would recommend the Samsung Galaxy S6, its brilliant. With its amazing camera, it is by far the best phone of 2015. But still not forgetting about the amazing iPhone 6s, when this was released, people went crazy to buy but soon found that there were certain problems that still needed to be changed and a lot of people have now come to the conclusion that Samsung are definitely starting to overtake with the release of the Samsung S6 Edge and its amazing curved screen. If you are looking for that phone that is amazingly fast, easy and has a stunning appearance, the Samsung S6 Edge is perfect as its features really do make it different to any other phone.


With the Samsung S6 Edge, you can create five different emergency contacts that you believe to be an important phone call if they needed you. Its so simple, once you get into bed, you can put your phone on ‘night mode’ which means that your phone is on silent but the alarms you have set will still go off. With the emergency contacts that you have selected, when it is on night mode and one of your emergency contacts phone your Samsung, it will still ring and if your phone is screen down on your side table, it will also light up the side of your phone with the specific colour that you have set your emergency contact too so when one of your emergency contacts phones you when it is on night mode, it will ring out loud but will also light up the phone and you will know exactly who is trying to contact you without even looking at the number, it is one of the best ideas that Samsung could have come up with, it is pure genius. As well as it being a great idea, it is also a very thoughtful one as if you want to ensure you never miss a call off a loved one or off an important person, you never have to but you also don’t have to be woken up by notifications going off and calls that you don’t want in the middle of the night!


So they are the best phones of 2015, technology is getting better and better and the phones are just taking leaps and bounds when it comes to improvement, 2016 will be the year it takes over completely! Watch out for blogs on the new tech coming out in 2016.