Wow, we have just come across something that is just unbelievable and Martain and I were actually a little mind blown! Big brands such as Sony, LG and Samsung have released TV screens before that have been flexible and people have been blown away by them and how amazing they look, my friend Shane who runs his own business called “InterLead” (web design Stafford) uses a 50 inch tv to build his web designs !… But wow, LG have gone above and beyond and have delivered something that is sure going to take over and will definitely blow your mind!

LG is showing off their new TV screen that is definitely not something you have ever seen before! They will be showing it off in 2016 at an event and it will be known as the 18-inch TV roll able screen that can be ‘rolled up like a newspaper’, yes… Like a newspaper!


What is most astonishing about this brilliant invention is that it isn’t just a small screen, it is an 18-inch flat screen so it is unlike any of the other bendy ones tried out in the past and just like the curved fixed HDTVs that have now been available to buy in stores for a good few years now, the roll able TV is large but unlike the HDTVs, it is not fixed and you are able to actually roll it up, it’s absolutely ludicrous!


As well as showing off this absolutely amazing roll able display screen, LG will also be showcasing some more amazing creations of theirs that will definitely take other companies by surprise and will definitely be putting LG as a very high company to compete with. A lot of things are happening with LG and 2016 is going to be the year that they really do take off, keep an eye on LG, they are working on masterpieces.