What are the most common jobs performed by roofers?

What are the most common jobs performed by roofers?

A roofers job is to repair or restore a roof in order for it to last longer for the owners. There are many types of materials that can be used to repair or restore a roof and they all have different methods of how they are installed. A professional roofer will know the ins and outs of each material and will be highly skilled in the installation process of each one.

Some of the most common jobs to be carried out by roofers are:

  • Tile Removal
  • Rubber Roof Installation
  • Tar Application
  • Shingle Installation
  • Job Estimating
  • Fireplaces (believe it or not, click the link and see for yourself.)

What is the most common?

Whether you are moving to a new house that needs a little tlc on the roof or your own roof hasn’t been looked after and maintained for a while, you may be at risk of your loft leaking, tiles forming cracks or the colours of the tiles unattractively fading.

When a tile roof needs restoring, a professional roofer will carefully remove each tile and inspect. The roof will then be underlaid with the right materials and the old tiles will be cleaned and carefully placed back on top, whilst replacing any damaged tiles along the way.

Which one is the most important?

Out of all the jobs a roofer carries out, job estimating is the most important. A roofers job is to also be the job estimator, this is the person that will meet with all clients and provide them with an honest, estimate of expenses for the work that is about to be carried out. The roofer must have the ability to formulate an accurate estimate and make sure it is realistic as the job could depend on it.