So, me and my friend Shane finally got round to traveling to Siberia, he been that busy with his new business stourbridge tree surgeons… Siberia is well known for its cold weather and beautiful rare animals that roam the lands. Siberia is so big and it actually occupies around 9 percent dry land mass on earth! With its Ural mountains in the West of Siberia and the Pacific Ocean surrounding the East, the South of Siberia is where you will find Asia, China and other places and then the North is where you can fid the Artic ocean.

When it comes to Winter, the weather is signific

antly different to when it is Summer in Siberia. The dramatic changes in temperatures are record breaking and are so different it is outstanding! The Siberian winter is so cold and is very, very long compared to most places around the world. Summer in Siberia is slightly warm and can sometimes be hot on some days enabling certain fruits being grown due to the warm air. In Siberia, you will find that the frost mostly gets the North and East of Siberia and the West and the South of Siberia’s climate becomes milder and gets a lot warmer.


Siberia actually gets a lot of rainfall but because of this, lakes are usually formed due to the places being drained in the region which then forms places for fish and what a variety they are! Siberia is home to a significant amount of reindeers due to its artic conditions and the amount of reindeers are actually dramatically growing in numbers.


With temperatures in Siberia sometimes going as low as -60 degrees Celsius, it can be ridiculously cold, but for those who want an adventure, it can be enormously thrilling and a holiday that will never be forgotten.