Not me! If you don’t like it either, then keep on reading because there is definitely something that can help you! A self-drying jacket is on the horizon, yes, a self-drying jacket! Over in San Francisco, Falyon Wearable Tech have designed and developed a jacket that can actually dry itself if it gets wet! It works from the inside and can literally dry the coat in minutes!


Remember ‘back to the future’? The jacket in the film is very well known and the creators of this amazing jacket got the idea from the film itself. The coat works by high pressured air circulation around the coat which comes from a tight space in the coats outer layer and inner layer and is fuelled by a battery that is rechargeable and can ensure its usage for up to thirty minutes and is actually better than a commercial hair dryer.


But, it doesn’t stop there, the coat can actually help to dry your face and your hair if it gets wet due to three vents being located near your neckline which is used to release the circulating air! And again… It doesn’t stop there! In the summer months, the coat can actually be used to cool you down and air can be blown into your face to ensure you face stays cool during the heat!


As well as this coat being a life saver when it comes to getting caught in the rain, this coat also has many, many hidden storage places for you to take stuff wherever you go and has pockets that are specifically there for you to put smartphones or tablets in. With all these pockets, you would expect to see the coat and it be huge! But, it is lightweight, stunning and isn’t bulky in the slightest as the company’s efforts focused on ensuring the coat was not too big and aimed to keep the bulk to a minimum. So, when this coat is released and is available to buy in the UK, getting caught in the rain will be absolutely no problem! Your journeys would be unstoppable and you would have absolutely no excuse to not go for a walk on a rainy day, bliss!