The Apple Watch was released back in September 2014 and everyone went crazy to have one, they were a huge success! So they have now decided to bring out a newer more advanced apple watch that will take people by surprise and take the world by storm, soon everyone will have an apple watch instead of owning a phone!


When the apple watch was first released in September 2014, it became obvious that there were some minor problems and the apple watch was definitely not perfect and there were a few things that definitely needed improving before it could be the perfect smartwatch out there.


With the Apple watch soon to be released, there are a few improvements that have been made to the watch that has helped to improve it. A big feature that has now been added and improved is they have introduced FaceTime. On the new apple watch there is now a camera and users of the apple watch can now FaceTime others via their wrists. When the new apple watch is out, all of the previous smartwatches will be allowed to be updated so that they can also have the FaceTime app.


Another feature is one that will be very beneficial for everyone. As the old Apple watch is dependent on the iPhone for every feature that the smartwatch uses, a rumour has now come about that the new apple watch will rely a lot less on the iPhone and be more independent making it possible for you to use your apple watch in full mode even when your smartwatch is not connected to your iPhone, this will make it so much easier and will allow nearly all things to be done on the smartwatch without the need for your iPhone to be around, it’s a perfect idea!


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