Well, with 3D printing now becoming available, it will soon take over everything. The 3D printer can make various ceramic shapes and with these new materials, rumour has it that scientists are now looking at finding the 3D printing useful for hypersonic aircraft and also microscopic devices because of how flawless and strong the outcome of the printing can be. Because ceramics are strong and contain so many different useful properties that make it an extremely high quality material and is resistant to corrosion, resistant to extreme heat and also resistant to abrasion.


Just like the normal printer you have at home, a 3D printer works by layers of material being deposited like ink with a normal printer but unlike a normal printer, a 3D printer can actually print layers and lay them down on top of each other to result in a 3D object being built which the object is then solidified.


With a 3D printer it works very, very slowly which its a down fall but with the outcome, it is so worth it! It all starts with the certain object you are wanting to make and you can design this object on a file using a 3D modelling programme and then the 3D printer will copy that object and you just sit back and let the magic happen! 3D printing is catching on to major companies like Microsoft and Google and they are now allowing their hardware to actually perform 3D scanning which just proves that the future is very exciting as it is obvious that sooner rather than later, smartphones and other devices will also integrate 3D scanners. It is scary to think that it is only a matter of time that 3D objects will be easier to do than taking a picture on your camera but as 3D printers are very expensive, it will be a while before the prices drop and he public will be able to all own a 3D printer in their homes! I can’t wait for that day; it will be awesome!