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3D printing could take over

Well, with 3D printing now becoming available, it will soon take over everything. The 3D printer can make various ceramic shapes and with these new materials, rumour has it that scientists are now looking at finding the 3D printing useful for hypersonic aircraft and also microscopic devices because of how flawless and strong the outcome of the printing can be. Because ceramics are strong and contain so many different useful properties that make it an extremely (more…)

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Back to play…

I am sure we all remember when the first Nintendo came out, it was like Christmas every day and i literally used to be on it 24 hours, 7 days a week! Well, things go ‘out of fashion’ and new toys are invented like the Wii and various other companies brought out new and improved games consoles that each took over the one previous. Well, Nintendo has been forgotten for a while now in my eyes but they are definitely about to give game lovers something to talk about!


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Is this even possible?

Wow, we have just come across something that is just unbelievable and Martain and I were actually a little mind blown! Big brands such as Sony, LG and Samsung have released TV screens before that have been flexible and people have been blown away by them and how amazing they look, my friend Shane who runs his own business called “InterLead” (web design Stafford) uses a 50 inch tv to build his web designs !… But wow, LG have gone above and beyond and have delivered something that is sure going to take over and will definitely blow your mind!


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S6 Edge

Just thought i would give a little blog about the best tech launches of 2015 and i thought i would start with smartphones. After a few phones being released in 2015, we did a little searching around and played around with the new phones and we definitely would recommend the Samsung Galaxy S6, its brilliant. With its amazing camera, it is by far the best phone of 2015. But still not forgetting about the amazing iPhone 6s, when this was released, people went crazy to buy but soon found that there were certain problems that still needed to be changed and a lot of people have now come to the conclusion that Samsung are definitely starting to overtake with the release o (more…)

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Rumour has it

TheĀ Apple Watch was released back in September 2014 and everyone went crazy to have one, they were a huge success! So they have now decided to bring out a newer more advanced apple watch that will take people by surprise and take the world by storm, soon everyone will have an apple watch instead of owning a phone!


When the apple watch was first released in September 2014, it became obvious that th (more…)

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