I am sure we all remember when the first Nintendo came out, it was like Christmas every day and i literally used to be on it 24 hours, 7 days a week! Well, things go ‘out of fashion’ and new toys are invented like the Wii and various other companies brought out new and improved games consoles that each took over the one previous. Well, Nintendo has been forgotten for a while now in my eyes but they are definitely about to give game lovers something to talk about!

Nintendo will soon be releasing the Nintendo NX, but this time it is not going to be just a game console… It will also be a handheld hybrid. This has yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo but there are several rumors going around and people are actually backing the rumors up. Rumor has it that the new Nintendo will include both home-play and portable options, this is a huge step for Nintendo to take and highlights both market sectors!


It really does make sense if you think about it, Nintendo have been very intelligent. Nintendo have always had a hard time in both market sectors so doing one together could really push the boat out and make it this time! The Nintendo NX is supposed to hit the shops in 2016 and will definitely be the craze for kids and also adults as you could actually take games with you wherever you go and also play games on your a TV too. It is very exciting and Nintendo are really bringing it in 2016, so look out for the Nintendo NX! It’s going to be huge and will definitely sell out quick!